Growing up in the islands, I am reminded of the palm trees that surrounds our islands. I once heard that it is often referred to as the tree of life.

Its roots so flexible and strong that it follows the current of cyclones and tsunamis before it eventually stands upright.
The branches of the palm tree is used to make shelter and crafts such as baskets to carry food and hats to provide coverage from the heat.
The coconuts that stem from the palm tree that is used to provide food and water.
It signifies not only my roots of the pacific islands where I call home, but it is also a reminder of all the women in my life.
She binds the family with how strong she is through adversaries, adapting to changes before she stands up straight.
Her love so unconditional it shelters you, like the basket that is weaved from the branches, she carries the family.
Like the coconut that is produced from the palm tree, it fuels you, it soothes you.
To all the Grandma figures in my life, I thank you for the paths you paved.
To my Mothers, I thank you for life and nurturing me.
To my sisters, I honour you, for striving to be the change that is needed.
To my Aunties, I thank you for playing motherly roles in my life.
And to the next generation, I congratulate you.
You are the change that's needed.
Alofa atu
Pre order: November 25th
Releasing Dec 6th

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