This morning share with Lorenzo. ♥️

I Am a MATAI. Not a cultural chief with a title lol But an excited brand ambassador for the talented, the one and only - Matai Watches. Their vision is to TELL OUR STORIES THROUGH TIMEPIECES.

Thank you so much for this blessed opportunity. I personally love watches, i think it’s a beautiful accessory for us men. And knowing its owned by Pacific, makes me so proud and more driven to promote our brand and wear with pride.

Also ahem having featured in the Samoan movie “MATAI” series omg o a’u a lea I feel complete lol

Check them out, with Fathers Day around the corner this would a perfect gift. For online orders visit their FB page or www.mataiwatches.com

Faafetai tele lava to my uso Nick and Andrew of Matai Watches for blessing me with this opportunity. GOD BLESS our MATAI aiga.


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