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Matai Watches 👏👏👌👌🔥🔥.
The finest timepiece I have ever owned hands down.
The men behind this business took me under their wing during my first years in the security industry. Being one of, if not the only Australian guard in the place was definitely a daunting introduction but these men always made me feel like they had my back and that I was family.
The work and dedication they put into everything they do has definitely been an inspiration for myself to push my hardest in everything I do.
I set foot in a gym because of @itsmrnickwilliams2u years ago when I was at my heaviest and only getting heavier. In large part I credit Nick, Aj and others for kicking my arse into gear in the gym and now me getting the chance to help others in the gym and hopefully be that mentor/inspiration to others.
Thankyou gentlemen. Much love ❤

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