Fatusama Fuamatu

Today, Andrew and I took some time out to go meet up with an artist who had taken his own time to draw a brilliant, magnificent piece of art for us over lunch.

I first walked in and thought wow this dude looks young." I said to him "uso how old are you?" And he replied "18". I asked him to share his journey with us.

Sama moved here in 2019 where he learned the English language, he still attends high school while doing his barber cert at TAFE, works as an apprentice, while drawing awesome art pieces like this one he gifted us. He does his best in life, serving his family and sending what he can back to Samoa. We are truly inspired by him, not to mention he organised the meet-up and caught a train to come and see us.

Sama is inspired to one day be a Pacific tattooist, and I encourage the many professional artists that follow us to reach out to him to help guide and mould his drive to serve and succeed in life.

We are so proud of you, uso.

Continue to inspire the next generation 🙏❤️💯🇼🇸



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