Friends come and go but brothers hang forever.
My white chocolate soul brother Hendrix. The funniest friend I have, while being the realest dude I know.
In the short amount of time I've lived here, I've never come across someone like yourself. A person that truly challenges both my strengths, weaknesses, faith, all while educating in this game called life.
We can be mistaken at times thinking blood is thicker than water, while under all skin, all blood is red.
Theres so many stories I could share about this man but we can't afford individuals taking out defamation cases against us lol 🤣🤣😃
You were the best man at my wedding for a reason brother and so privileged to have you there for my family💪💪
You're a natural born leader, a great father to your daughter's, a great supportive husband to your wife which I know are the absolute keys to your success.
You speak up for the small people and protect those that need protecting.
I'm glad we are on the same team for life 💪💪💪
A true King 👑👑
Salute 🫡🍻
P.S - Great Photoshop 

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