If there was one word to sum up how I feel right now it's exciting.
I'm pumped to write this.
I'm pumped because I get to shape how I present this to the world.
Tanoai - The number 1 Hollywood award winning stuntman in the business. Facts!
A loving husband and a father. Facts!
If you're a film lover like myself you follow the works of those from similar backgrounds, culture and upbringings.
Like many pacific people we watch the stars at night from the ground up but only several get to hold and grab on to them.
A true trailblazer who started his career on Costners 95 Waterworld and now for over 20 years, played a significant part in the backbone that protects the greatest Samoan entertainer of all time -Dwayne "The Rock' Johnson.
He's sustained almost every physical injury possible to man while almost losing his arm on the set of Fast and Furious. The sacrifice to put his body on the line everyday for an industry that means so much to him is purely priceless.
If you've ever followed him on social media you'll know how proud he is of his heritage and how he serves his people. A true advocate for health and fitness alongside being an authentic, genuine and a beautiful human being.
We are privileged, honoured and humbled to have you wear our watch. For understanding and taking time to learn about our core values.
We love that you are a part of our Aiga uso🙏🙏
Thank you for transcending our people.
'''Thank you for your love, wisdom and being proud of what we are doing. 
Lau Susuga Tanoai;
Faamanuia atu le Atua ona o lenei avanoa ua mafai ai ona tatou mafuta e ala i lou fesoasoani mai i se taumafaiga tau atia'e.
O moomooga, e sau se aso tatou te feiloai ma faa talofa aloaia atu ai.
Faafetai, faafetai tele i lou lagolago mai uso, i se taumafaiga vaivai.
Ua lagona ai le faagaeetia ma le amanaia.
Ia faamanuia tele le Atua i fuafuaga uma o feagai ai. Momoli atu Alofaaga.
Nick and Andrew

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