Fatausi in Savaii, the place where I grew up and where rugby is very religious.
Names like Freddie Tuilagi, Jonah Lomu and many other Polynesian players were considered superheros.
There wasn't many TVs in the village in the 1990s, so whoever had the box also hosted the village.
I lived next door to the Tuilagi brothers.
Henry and Freddie would practice often and these were the sounds I was familiar with as a kid growing up before having to pack up and leave for Australia In 2002
I lost all contact with the Tuilagi family from that point but over the years my sister and I would talk about them often until one day they started appearing on TV and their names were spoken about on radio.
Alesana, Andy, Vavae and Manu started creating the Tuilagi Legacy from the seed that was planted by endless prayers from Aunty Ali'itasi and the High Chief Uncle Tuilagi Vavae.
Freddie and Henry travelled to unfamiliar grounds in England to set up what would become the concrete foundation for their family.
The Most Famous family in Rugby
Tuilagi Brothers - #1
To my cousins thank you for showing me the way, for inspiring me to strive for more. Small village boy to now chasing dreams.
Ps- Congratulations also on the new Gin.
Please check it out @tuilagi_distillery

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