Operations Retail Manger at New Balance Australia & NZ
My good friend Brad Mayor. He's a cool guy. He's a smooth guy. He's a funny, polite, genuinely nice guy I can always have an open discussion with, he's my guy.
Like many of us who were Kiwi and Australian born, we were brought up in a diverse culture society and were integrated with many different walks of life. Our European counterparts being one of them. Beautiful thing about our culture is our doors our hearts are open for all 🙏
I met Brad quite similar to Viggo through the card hobby and we became very close friends. It was our stories that connected us.
Both family men, both want the best in life, the strive for success but to always treat people equally, both are about people in general and we are both about being inclusive, always.
He's a father of 4 beautiful kids -
(Anthony and Alexis are with us and God took 2 back home)
He's been married for 22 years to his high school sweet heart.
He's an advocate about raising awareness for baby and infant loss and has raised thousands of dollars for charity.
As I took a moment to be thankful for my children this morning, I took a moment to think about you and what youve been able to overcome.
I salute you today my Krispy Kreme brother for always being a legend. With love and respect 💪
Yes small straps are coming 😃😂

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