"Failure to Plan is a Plan waiting to Fail"

This is the Founder / Creator behind Matai - Andrew Lui a young West Auckland, Sydney Samoan Entrepreneur.
I mock him many times about his Permed hair and his sexy eyebrows but it's his laughter and his engagement to want to learn and succeed which really impresses me.
His drive to create, innovative and think outside the square approach will encourage many young pacific entrepreneurs for years to come.

As previously talked about he spent 4 years working on Matai and tomorrow I get to be apart of watching his dream come to life with the help and support from all of YOU.

One thing we never covered was the amount of sacrafice it takes to create a watch with the deepest of meaning. The amount of struggles to move forward when no one truly believes in you, the amount of research covered to have it manufactured with the greatest of care and quality, the financial responsibility it takes to continue working 9-5 to fund your idea, the 6am overnighters at the desk, the thoughts of giving up, the inconvenience to family and the ongoing prayers to the lord to give strength.

But it's just a watch they may say?
Nah bro it's more than that.
Many will understand the sacrafices our parents, grandparents, our families made when they travelled on those boats years ago to NZ / Australia.
When they came to help better us, their children. It's now our responsibility to move our families forward and Matai Watches is apart of our journey. What is yours?

Congrats my Uso - I respect you, I cheer for you, I encourage you , I love you - Your flowers are due #Unit21

July 15th is a few hours away and we just reached the starting line - Time to work.
Leshgoo 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥


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